Šime Babin

During entire lifetime Šime Babin has been involved in his porfessional vocation – that of an Architect. At first he had worked at Urbis, the largest construction design firm in Istria, while since1986, he has been running his own construction design office. The results of his work include many exceptional achievements, particularly in the field of residential construction. His architectural and designer signature is famous in Istria, Dalmatia, croatian islands and the renown now extends even wider.

His constructions are recognised by a refined style applied to both the interiors and the exteriors. Houses that he designs are not merely houses, artefacts that fascinate with monumentality or form, his houses fascinate with a sense of harmony. Every one of his houses makes a home for a certain family. „Šime Babin is above all an artist“, wrote a journalist;  And an artist works with emotion, with care about the people for whom he designs. He is not interested in narcissism, his intersts lie in human beings and their culture of living and hence his houses are homes, while his work is recognised and well loved. Šime Babin, born an islander, has managed to weave all the very best of the Mediterranean ambience into his creation: passion, tenacity, wisdom, depth with which he deliberates and creates.

His style is aesthetically refined and sophisticated and everything points to the fact that he is interested in depth and so thence he creates and speaks. In present day conditions, where superficiality and mediocrity are still deeply rooted in this region of the world, there is a step toward the recognition and demand for dedication and excellence! Many construction designers complain about a lack of work, while Šime Babin is in demand now more than ever.

“To be an Architect is nothing, you have to be a Poet”, Le Corbusier

And Šime Babin is definitely a poet of the Architecture.

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