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Architectural design: Creating a Project

These drafts demonstrate how a design project is initiated. We hold it is important to let people know how the processes of design plan drafting begin. Every new beginning is important and we keep this in mind during conceptualising and creation.

In this our example, before a project can begin, we start with consultation and getting to know the client. This is an important phase, because we gauge the wishes of the client and evaluate mutual compatibility. We do not work with everyone the same way, it depends on many invisible energy particles that comprise human relations.

Generally, design plan drafting is the process during which we get to know someone best and it helps us to form an intimate relationship with a client. These are sensitive moments which take up our full attention, integrate our intellects, stimulate emotions and take up a great deal of our time.

Šime Babin first drafts his ideas on paper, before getting it all on a computer screen… Classic or old fashioned… that is his way, and it works! The strokes by a human hand are irreplaceable in the process of creating a piece of art. And pancakes! Sometimes an apple strudel as well. This is an unavoidable aspect in the birth of a design project as far as Šime Babin is concerned.

For the creator Šime Babin, architecture is above all an art form – a living skill which concerns the coexistence of man, his cave and the nature around it. A cave is nowadays of course a house, however, it still serves to protect from the elements, human greed and all other forms of danger. Moreover, someone’s house nowadays demonstrates even more than just that – status, affinity, taste, affiliation or detachment.

The mode of deliberation about the coexistence of man and his natural surroundings is fairly inadequate, which is clearly evident in the construction efforts and urban planning as in many other parts of the world, so also here in Croatia. This troubles us and so we endeavour to fix this problem, at least within the scope of our activities…

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