A young family of three from Novi Vinodolski. An attractive land lot with views of the sea, located on steep, demanding terrain! The investors arrived bearing a wish to have a design plan made for a  comfortable family home with a swimming pool, as well as two smaller units which were to be located at the lower portion of the property, with separate entry, for the purposes of renting out to tourists.

A task for Emil Stijepcich as well as everyone that was to collaborate on this project. A true challenge! The investor was demanding, but knew precisely what they wanted. Several solutions were made. The physical planning specification defined work templates which daunted us in one aspect, but we kept on pushing and searching until we found the right solution which satisfied all the needs and wishes of the investor!

In any case, this will be a very beautiful house and a comfortable home for a family, but at the same time, a secured income from renting to tourists, which is certainly intriguing for Novi Vinodolski. The construction phase is planed to begin by the end of year 2013.
Author of architectural concept solution : Emil Stijepcich
Project assistant : Shime Babin
Design project elaboration : Zoran Botich
Construction design office : STUDIO BABIN