Ahead of us was the task of designing the reconstruction and upgrade of a holiday house built last century, in the eighties, into a family home for permanent dwelling of a young family with three children from Krk. An exacting task! Reconstructions are always like this, but a challenge all the more real for Shime Babin. We were particularly enthused by the spacious property of circa 1.400m2 with panoramic views of the harbour and Krk.

The investor, a born islander, very inspired and cooperative, served to us as a further motivation to make a special effort with this project. The results can be viewed in the 3D visualisations and the photos of construction which is currently under way. We have dubbed this project 'Transformation'! A transformation from a toad into a prince – this is how we saw it…
Author of conceptual architectural solution : Shime Babin

Construction Design Office : Studio BABIN, 2012.