Investors were a young married couple with four children from Russia. They came to us with a challenging task: they had bought two houses on the same property in the old nucleus of the wonderful Mediterranean town of Rovinj. The house along the street was fairly dilapidated, ready for demolition, whereas the courtyard house of approx. 120 m2 was already partially renovated, but the investors were not satisfied with that particular solution.

We had an exacting pair of young investors before us, who were no strangers to contemporary design, wishing to have these two houses joined in such a way as to make a single entity out of them. The smaller house required complete renovation, whereas the larger house was to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch. The smaller house was finished during year 2012 and the photos of it are posted here.
Author of architectural reconstruction solution and interior design : Shime Babin
Interior design assistant : Vesna Skala