Villa Pinaza! Interesting name that was created from the initial letters of the names of three daughters! A beautiful idea!

So, we had in front of us a young entrepreneur from Slovenia, his spouse and three daughters after whom the villa was named. They have been summer holidaying in Krk for years. In less than two hours, they leave work, the hustle and bustle and stress behind teleporting to an entirely different world; a world of intense blue colours of the sea and the sky, a world of relaxation, splashing about in the sea, crickets, good groceries, wine and home produced olive oil.

And so this is exactly how we approached the task at hand. Result: the elegant villa Pinaza, mere hundred or so metres from the sea. There is one small problem that troubles us greatly. Although the investor cooperated well with us the entire time, keeping to the specifications of the design plan in nearly all aspects, in the end, a gaffe! He failed to render a section on the outer facade with the specified wood planking. This failed to give the villa a sense of completeness and power with which it would resonate had he completed this detail. Comparing the 3 D visualisations and the state following construction, it will immediately become clear what we are talking about!

Recommendation: adhere to the design plan in all aspects, because details make integrity sustainable.

Author of conceptual architectural solution : Šime Babin
Construction design office : STUDIO BABIN