Villa Rossa or the Rosich house, as titled in the conceptual solution, represents one of three houses which were designed for our ongoing client and is located in the immediate neighbourhood to the other two houses. Given the location, which is virtually along the seafront and near a small harbour, we approached the task very carefully.

The investor wanted to build a new, larger house for himself and the family on his property alongside an existing house built some twenty years ago and designed by Shime Babin at the time. Emil Stijepcich was entrusted with this exacting task and has embarked on this adventure with the help of Shime Babin. The project has not yet been completed, but the conceptual solution has, to the general satisfaction of the investor and the construction design team.
Authors of conceptual architectural solution : Shime Babin and Emil Stijepcich
Construction design office : STUDIO BABIN