European Property Award - London year 2013/14.

For the Project of Villa Zara we have recently won the international award!  We are certainly proud of it!

The project task –  to design a contemporary villa with all the component facilities in the settlement of Kožino, some ten kilometres from Zadar. Situated in an exceptional location, merely seventy metres from the sea and the beach. The villa was to be placed on the market. The investor wanted a designer luxury villa which will satisfy the needs of most discerning buyers. This investor had already built respectable buildings in this same location, so we knew that this task would be exacting, all the more given that with this project the investor wanted to surpass all that he had built to date, in other words, he wanted to outdo himself!

To our utter delight, following the initial adjustments, we gathered that we have before us an investor that will comply with our design plans, so we knew that there will not be any deviations from the design plans during the process of construction.  We launched ourselves into drafting the design plans with great enthusiasm.

When the project entered the construction phase, we followed and supervised it from the very beginnings right through to completion, which is clearly evident. We value investors of this kind very much given that in this region of the world, investors and builders still often try to be construction designers and architects as well – because everyone apparently knows how these things should be done, resulting in too many unsightly buildings along the coast of the Adriatic. In this case, however, the results are evident from the photos. We are satisfied, the investor is satisfied and we hope that the future owner of this villa will also be satisfied. Sales info. on our pages - Real estate sales.
Authors of conceptual architectural solution : Shime Babin and Emil Stijepcich
Design plan elaboration : Zoran Botich
Construction design office : STUDIO BABIN