We have developed 2 types of ground level house BAMBINA:  Model S and Model L

The construction can be performed in the classic, prefabricated or semi-modular format. For the prefabricated variant, the construction is performed with our partners, modular home producers.

The cost of construction is variable, depending on many factors, especially the quality of equipping, but  we can roughly estimate that construction of a house to an (unfinished) high level brick shell (rohbau) would cost you approx. 800 euro/m2, of gross construction area. Equipping and furnishing of the interiors  - installation of floors, doors, bathroom and toilet fittings, tiles, lighting, and such - is not included in the indicated price. Everage price of the completed house is aprox. 1.200 to1.500 Euro/m2.

Our team of experts closely follows the construction phases from concept formation to realisation, which leaves you free of worries about the unknown.

If you wish to build on your own, you can purchase our design project.

Author of concept solutions : Shime Babin
Construction design office :  STUDIO BABIN

Information and sales : SKALA BABIN GROUP
E-mail : vesna@skalababin.hr