Practical success of a project is shown by means of its realisation. Construction  process carries with it certain pitfalls and challenges, which, as project designers, but also builders, we are well familiar with. The volume and complexity of this type of project exacts professional leadership, from design to construction. The manner in which we were used to building our family homes until recently is no longer possible. It is ill-advised and naive to venture alone into this kind of experiment. Our advice: turn to people that have the know-how! We have the know-how and the proof are the buildings we have designed and in some cases constructed.

Should you be interested in which of our design projects are for sale, take a peek at the ensuing pages : Casetta - small villa, or our conceptual projects (Casetta, Bambina, Demos), or more exlusive projects : Villa Zara, Seaside Resort Saint Lovro.